VDU Examinations

An ever increasing number of people are using computers at home and in the workplace. Computer eye strain is now one of the most significant office-related health complaints. Eyestrain can cause physical fatigue, poor productivity and an increase in errors.

If you are a VDU user it is vital that you receive regular eye care. Our comprehensive eye examination incorporates every test pertinent to VDU use. We will ensure that your vision is focused correctly for the screen distance, that your eyes are working in a balanced manner and that your mode of working won’t put excessive strain on your sight

Our dispensing team can advise you on the very latest developments in computer eyewear and tailor make a solution to your requirements.

If you suffer from dry, gritty and sore eyes, please seek advice within our Dry Eye / Red Eye Clinic.

Remember, if you use a computer screen for periods of more than an hour every day at work, your employer is required by law to pay for your eye examination.