Visual Stress

Is your child reaching their full potential at school? If not then a Visual Stress Assessment could help.

A Visual Stress Assessment can help children and adults who experience Dyslexia, Academic Skills Disorder (ASD), Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) as well as other related learning difficulties.

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Many reading difficulties stem from an unstable aiming/dominant eye due to either a problem with the eye muscles, an uncorrected spectacle prescription or an issue with the focussing power of the eye. This can give rise to blurred words and letters, the appearance of words moving on the page and an inability to follow a line of words accurately.

A Visual Stress Assessment aims to identify the causes of reading difficulties and provide relief using prescription spectacles and tints. Assessment for and prescription of Chromagen Haploscopic filters is incorporated into the School Vision Assessment (see below).

You do not need to be Dyslexic to benefit from a Visual Stress Assessment

Reading difficulties can be very disabling particularly for children when trying to keep up with work in the classroom. Learning to write and spell becomes very frustrating when the letters don’t stay still or come in and out of focus.

The earlier these problems are detected and dealt with the less the learning suffers. If you feel you could benefit from a Visual Stress Assessment, we will be happy to book you in as soon as possible.

Chromagen Filters

Dyslexia affects around 14 percent of the world’s population and over three million people in the UK alone suffer from colour vision deficiency.

ChromaGen is a unique product developed to help patients who suffer from either colour deficiency or academic skills disorders (ASD), such as dyslexia. ChromaGen Haploscopic filters are a range of individually prescribed precision tinted lenses which can be worn as either contact lenses or spectacles.

A ChromaGen assessment using filters can be carried out on both children and adults.

ChromaGen has been clinically proven to dramatically improve accuracy of reading, writing and comprehension. For people suffering from colour deficiency or colour blindness, ChromaGen Haploscopic filters can give a dramatic improvement in their colour perception. Practitioners and patients alike have found that ChromaGen has changed their lives.

A ChromaGen assessment is only available through licensed ChromaGen practitioners, such as the highly trained optometrists at Jane Smellie Opticians.