Here at Jane Smellie Opticians we believe that our primary role is to look after the health of your eyes. The fee for our advanced eye examination reflects the extended time our optometrists require to carry out the comprehensive procedures involved and our investment in the latest technology. We are committed to the NHS but are determined that our patients’ choice of eye care is not restricted by the restraints of the NHS. Our team of experienced, highly qualified and friendly staff is on hand to provide you with tailor made advice on the wide range of optical products we offer.

Jane Smellie Opticians was the first practice to bring digital retinal photography to Whitchurch. In our view this is a vital part of every eye examination but has now been superseded by OCT.

OCT is Optical Coherence Tomography - OCT instruments represent the future. They also represent a new standard of care for diagnosis and management of patients with retinal disorders. This is the next generation in imaging the internal structures of the eye. The OCT is a special scanner that produces a three dimensional image of the inside of the eye. The unique way in which the image is formed means that for the first time we can actually see the layers beneath the surface of the retina. This is of high importance in determining the precise diagnosis of visual problems and to help us discuss the treatment options for patients.

Many Hospital eye departments are yet to invest in an OCT and therefore we can use the OCT scans and our expertise to aid them in their patient care.

What You Can Expect From Our Advanced Eye Examination

History and symptoms

We will ask you several questions regarding your vision, health, medication and family history. This is crucial information that we utilise in our clinical decision making.

Vision and prescription check

This is where we check what you can (or can’t!) see with and without your existing spectacles and assess how we can improve your vision with a new prescription. We will also discuss how we can tailor make your spectacles to complement your prescription and lifestyle.

Examining the health of the eye

This is one of the most important clinical aspects of the examination. We use several different types of instrument including, the OCT and retinal camera, to examine the health of your eye.

Pressure test (Tonometry)

This is the measurement of the pressure of the eyeball, it is important in the diagnosis of glaucoma and in monitoring the effectiveness of medication used to control it.

Slit lamp examination

This is like a large microscope that we use to examine the outside of your eye, lids and lashes in greater detail. Any abnormalities can be photographed with our anterior camera and monitored.

Visual field

The visual field test assesses your peripheral vision and is a good indication of the health of your eyes and the whole of your visual system (i.e. retina, nerves and parts of the brain). At Jane Smellie Opticians we believe it is an essential part of the eye examination.