Dry Eye and Red Eye Assessments

We also offer a Dry Eye Clinic in addition to any eye examination. If your eyes feel dry, scratchy and irritated it may be because your eyes produce too little tear fluid, or the quality of your tears has changed, causing them to evaporate from their surfaces too rapidly.

Dry Eye is a condition that affects millions of people. Every time you blink, tears form a coating that protects and nourishes the eyes’ surface. If tear pro-duction becomes reduced or tears fail to coat the surface of the eye for long enough, the uncomfortable symptoms of Dry Eye will be the result.

The optometrists at Jane Smellie Opticians are fully trained in the management of Dry Eye. You can be sure our dedicated clinic will find a tailor-made solution to your problem. This may be the use of eye drops, eye gels and eye bags at home or if your condition requires it we also offer a lacrimal dilation and syring-ing service for blocked tear ducts.